Ditch the Buttercup

I’m so annoyed!  I’ve been doing some baking lately in hopes that I would have lovely, delicious dishes to post about on here and none of them have turned out!  Well, one turned out but that was a nectarine raspberry crisp that I kind of threw together and now can’t remember measurements for.

 For whatever reason, I pulled my Buttercup Bakeshop cookbook out a few weeks ago.   I made raspberry cream cheese muffins to take into work.  They weren’t very good.  You were supposed to swirl the raspberry jam on top and mine didn’t really swirl very well. 

 This weekend I made ginger snap cookies.  I was totally craving them and couldn’t find my friends recipe.  The Magnolia cookbook is awesome, why wouldn’t this one be? The cookies were awful. They weren’t dark enough or spicey enough, and you don’t roll them in sugar before you bake them! I’m eating them, but blech.

Tonight I made cream cheese brownies to take in for my status meetings tomorrow. I was so excited for these! Totally in the mood for some decadence. They. are. crap. First, the recipe tells you to put half the batter in the pan, then the cream cheese, then the other half of the batter. I put half of the batter in and it wasn’t enough to cover the bottom of the pan! So I dumped it all in, dumped the cream cheese on top and swirled as best I could. The brownie isn’t fudgey enough and while the cream cheese is good, it can’t carry the brownie. I’ve eaten two just in case they get better and they don’t. Into the trash they go.

Anyone want a cookbook?


One Response to “Ditch the Buttercup”

  1. peabody Says:

    Magnolia and Buutercup have been very disappointing. I do stil use the cupcake recipe quite a bit though. Love those.

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