Daring Bakers – Strawberry Mirror Cake

The Daring Bakers challenge for July was a Strawberry Mirror Cake.  It looked beautiful and didn’t look terribly complicated, but the directions were long!  Since my July has been crazy, there was really only one Saturday where I could take the time to make the cake.  So, I read through the directions several times and then tried to estimate how long each component would take.  Overkill?  Possibly, but at least I was prepared!

 There were a few pieces of equipment I needed to buy to make the cake.  I had a jelly roll pan, but it was too small so I bought a new one.  I also bought an offset spatula, stainless steel bowl and a cardboard circle.  Total cost – $28.00.

 Normally when I buy groceries for a recipe there is meat and cheese and herbs and what not involved.  I was pleasantly surprised at my short grocery list!  Total cost – $18.56.

For the full recipe, visit Peabody here.

A Strawberry Mirror Cake consists of two layers of cake, with two layers of strawberry bavarian cream, topped with a strawberry mirror. I used to assist cooking classes at a small cooking school and for a long time, I assisted mostly baking classes. Because of that, I’ve been exposed to most baking techniques. I’ve made both pastry cream and bavarian cream before, but the mirror part was new. I had faith though!

The bavarian cream before the red food coloring. I’m not sure if I added the hot milk into the eggs too fast, but my bavarian cream definitely has lumps. I ran it through a sieve which helped, but it wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked. Luckily, I made bavarian cream relatively recently and knew that everything has to be smooth before you try to fold the whip cream in. If not, it’s never going to be smooth.

My cakes! I baked them in an 11 x 17 jelly roll pan, then cut out the 8″ circles. I used a serrated knife to cut them out, but thank goodness they were going to be covered in frosting since they weren’t pretty. Very tasty though. My dog and I munched on the extras all afternoon.

Step one in assembly. Aluminum covered cardboard in the springform pan, with the first layer of cake.

Step two. Cover it all in bavarian cream!

Steps three and four. Add another layer of cake, cover with bavarian cream again!

I love my new offset spatula. It’s so fabulous to frost with.

After this, I poured the mirror on and then chilled for several hours. Turns out, the mirror is basically strawberry jello! I laughed when I realized that. It’s a really cool effect though.

I brought this cake to a dinner party and didn’t bust it out of the springform pan until I was there, so no fancy decorating. Luckily, the mirror didn’t break and it came out almost perfectly! Everyone loved it, and a few went back for seconds. This was the perfect dessert for a barbecue – light, creamy, and tastes like summer!


20 Responses to “Daring Bakers – Strawberry Mirror Cake”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Nicely done, your cake looks lovely!

  2. Deborah Says:

    Beautiful cake! I really need to get an offset spatula…

  3. Sara Says:

    Looks wonderful! Your bavarian cream is such a lovely pink.

  4. breadchick Says:

    You have a lovely cake there! Great job on completing the challenge!!

  5. Dagmar Says:

    It’s very pretty!

  6. erincooks Says:

    Thank you!

    I can’t believe I waited as long as I did to get an offset spatula. It’s such a dream to frost with!

    I used a lot of red food coloring! The cream was such an odd purple before, and I really wanted it to be a nice red.

  7. Laura Says:

    It’s a beautiful cake, can’t wait to see your next challenge!

  8. peabody Says:

    Great job.
    You will get good use out of all your new purchases…especially as a Daring Baker.
    Glad the dinner guests enjoyed the cake.

  9. Ivonne Says:

    Congratulations! You did a great job on the cake!

  10. connie Says:

    looks great! and boy, i wish i thought of buying an offset spatula… maybe then the cream would have been smooth and mirror even. bravo

  11. Anita Says:

    Wonderful job, look how nice and even the layers are!

  12. Lisa Says:

    I love the color of your bavarian cream, Erin! You did an outstanding job!

    Congrats on your first challenge!


  13. Tartelette Says:

    Great job Erin! Looks perfect, texture, color, etc…Glad you joined us!

  14. Patricia Scarpin Says:

    It looks beautiful! I wish I could have a spoon of that cream!

  15. Cheryl Says:

    Just a perfect job. I love to see pictures of all the steps you took.

  16. Jenny Says:

    Nice job, your cake looks lovely!

  17. Morven Says:

    Great job – and I love your flowery plate!

  18. Dolores Says:

    I love the photo of your plated cake — symmetric layers were one of the aspects that eluded me in this challenge, and yours look great.

    I’ve added an offset spatula to my kitchen wish list…

  19. Amy Says:

    Your cake is beautiful! Your spongy cake looks so airy and yummy! 🙂

  20. Elle Says:

    Your cake is picture perfect, especially the mirror. Wish I’d had a nice offset spatula like that. Great job Daring Baker!

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